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An accurate charter management program of your yacht, offers the opportunity of offsetting your investment, running costs, risks and, why not, to earn revenues. A charter management program is an agreement based on a mutual commercial relationship between owners and the charter company. The wide selection of the most renowned destinations in the Mediterranean Sea allows offsetting the operating costs of your yacht through different types of charter management programs.

Balanced and flexible management plans for shipowners' satisfaction

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Whether your yacht is purchased for commercial or private use, a targeted organization of operations is essential to achieve optimal and hassle free management of the yacht. The technical and commercial management, the in-depth study of marketing and many other specific services allow us to offer a 360 ° service to guarantee a functional management of the yacht by optimizing management costs in order to achieve the set objectives.

The flexibility of the management programs offers owners the opportunity to enjoy their yacht according to individual needs and at the same time obtain an optimal economic return, without having to worry about the operation, maintenance and management of the crews.

We offer a range of flexible and scalable services including routine and special maintenance with the choice of the most suitable site, winter stops, partial and total refits, etc. The whole operational process will be planned in detail, coordinating each phase of the interventions that will be carried out with the possibility of assigning a surveyor for any particular phases and processes.



The most common scheme, is based on an income sharing model. Net revenues are shared between the charter company and the owner,  at average rates of 65-70 % in favor of the owner and 30-35 % in favor of the "Central Agency". With this model, all running costs are borne by the owner and the revenues depend on the performances achieved during the charter season.

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