We are specialized in Luxury Charters Services on the coastlines of Sardinia, Corsica, Capri, Amalfi and the most renowned destinations of the Mediterranean sea. Chartering a private yacht is the kind of experience which makes you bring back home the feelings and the memories of the greatest escape. The choice of the yacht you wish to charter and the locations you have always dreamed of visiting, is in your hands.



The experience and in-depth knowledge of the international yachting marketing allowed us to develop a wide range of yacht management services available for owners and shipyards.

Our yacht management team will guide you into turning your boat into a successful business venture by taking the right care of it, enrolling the appropriate crew or managing the one you have hired. The selection of the Crew, compliancy with current regulations, the choice of the most suitable and convenient insurance coverage and the preparation of your yacht for the next launch are just some of the operations that our Team and its partners will carry out for you for a total hassle free management of your Yacht.



We offer personalized Marketing Plans to advertise your Yacht in the boat chartering Market, we realize in house professional photo shootings and videos, print and distribute promotional brochures and we also upload your yacht’s profile on web sites and charter platforms.



We help aspiring and already active Ship owners in all the stages of purchasing a Yacht, new or second hand based on their needs and the use they want to do of it (pleasure or commercial use). We collaborate with the top Surveyors according to the yachts and engines Brands, we give assistance and advises to the ship owner trusted experts regarding the contractual phase of Preliminary Contract, Sea Trial and Closing, and finally the choice of the best Flag on a tailored basis. Thereafter we can offer after-sale assistance, ship transfers, hauling, launch and shipyard consulting.



Assistance and advice about choosing the right shipyard according to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance needs; thanks to our high qualified experts we can offer any kind of intervention such as Refitting, structural works and complete painting with the most up to date products derived from the Automotive industry.


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Thanks to our experience and knowledge of international legislations, we can evaluate options and advantages of different flags, in both the commercial and pleasure environment, and offer Consultation and advice about the choice and change of Flag State, according to the ship owner requirements. We offer a 360 degree Consultation, from the commercial strategy to the Surveyor choice, the agencies and local agents of the main Red Ensign flags states, including Malta and UK; we also take care of the technical and administrative procedures to meet with the Compliance requirements and obtain the flag certifications.